Wedding Portfolio


Eddie & Lashay

( United States)

This Couple from the start shared an electric love that could be felt from their rooms at Grand Palladium. Lashay with her angelic eyes; that probably caused Eddie to fall in love with her at first sight, and Eddie with his dashing smile. This made the two a favorable pair, both to each other and to photograph. Their wedding day was like a fairy tale, energetic, filled with happiness and joy.  


Khary & Jillian

( Saint James, Jamaica)

When Jilllian, a friend of mine, told me the good news that she's getting married, you could see the excitement and joy layered or as some would say, plastered on to her face as she talks about Khary. This gentleman swept her off her feet with his wit and charm, as was evident on their wedding day. It was a romantic morning wedding that was embodied by smiles and random outburst of laughter. All in all, this couple made their day the best day in each others life. 


Anthony & Donique

( Toronto, Canada) + ( Jamaica)

    This Amazing Couple had their engagement session  at Hope Gardens in Kingston Jamaica, and their Fairy tale Wedding at the Caymanas Golf Club also in Jamaica.  On their Wedding Day, they were filled with excitement upon glancing at each other. As Donique made her way down the aisle,  Anthony's smile immediately broke through the guard of his mouth.  Filled with praise and uttermost joy, they had an epic couple's portrait session that was laced with fun and complimented with soft kisses. The lush green grass, and vivid blue skies, this was indeed the perfect match for the perfect couple on their wedding day. 


Antonio & Garsha

Mexico + Jamaica

Love has its way of finding you unexpectedly.... so was this romantic story between this fun loving and energetic couple, as you will see in their engagement photos. Their wedding day was filled with joy and a spirit of expectancy... especially with the groom waiting anxiously for his stunning bride. The couple's portrait was a natural act, as Garsha behaves like a model while Antonio is quite the romantic, always causing Garsha to be on either side of the scale between blushing and an outburst of laughter. To a couple that deserve each other, I wish you a happy Marriage!


Dwayne & Marissa

( Canada + Jamaica )

Marissa with a smile to captivate the hearts of people in a room, better yet, in this case; Dwayne's heart :). This couple was energetic and obviously in love. Kisses that froze the onlookers and encourage each snap of the photographer as you will see below! Their wedding day was blissful, fun,vibrant and one they will always remember. 


Junior & Jennel

( Saint James, Jamaica )

Where to start....? Two persons drawn together divinely by the will of God, or an accidental love? Let's stick with the will of God :). They're two of the most amazing persons I've met, and they're indeed pure fun to be around Their wedding day was ecstatic, lined with passionate kisses and soft touches. They are indeed a God ordained match. To Junior & Jennel, may God bless your Marriage beyond your expectations!


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